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Glamping Village

Feel at one with nature as you sleep under the stars at

Iliana's Glamping Village at Mikes Beach Resort. 

Nestled amongst the forest, our glamping tents afford all of the comforts of home while providing a one of a kind alternative to traditional hotel stays. Elevated and lined to protect you from the elements, our tents include electricity, comfortable beds, dining areas, coffee makers, toasters, outdoor BBQs, lawn chairs, fire pits as well as access to warm showers and flushable toilets too. 


Inspiring and guiding those who are seeking a different kind of trip, Iliana's Glamping Village encourages immersion with the natural world, a broadening of horizons and a deeper engagement with one’s surroundings. 

It is our honor to provide a space where relationships between ourselves, each other as well as nature can be fostered and strengthened all the while staying dry, warm and cozy. 

Come see us and make memories sure to last a lifetime. 

The Glamping Village is closed for the winter, we will re-open in May 2023


Our glamping village is a place for friends and family to relax and reconnect.

Hood canal's clear deep waters provide world-class oysters, clams, crab, shrimp, and salmon fishing, miles of pristine shoreline for boaters, kayakers, whale watchers, beachcombers and lovers of nature.

The canal is a mecca for outdoor recreation including hiking, backpacking and scuba diving, with a perfect location for exploring the Olympic National Park and the Olympic National Forest.

There are restaurants, coffee (and ice cream) shops within 15 mins drive.

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