Shellfish gathering at Mike's.


Mike's Beach has a private shellfish beach, it is open to our registered guests at specific times for oyster and clam harvesting, oyster and clam harvest runs almost year round.


Oyster harvest and clam digging is allowed for 1 hour only, at harvest time.


A limit of 15 Oysters and 20 clams per guest, no containers are allowed in the harvesting area other than the zip-lock bags provided.


All guests staying at the resort must be wearing their wristbands.

Two zip-lock bags (one for oysters and the other for clams) and a wristband

good for the length of your stay, are given to each guest at the office upon registration.


The holes after clam digging must be filled back up with sand. The oysters and clams are for our guests to enjoy while at the resort, please do not take them home at the end of your visit.


Please wear proper shoes and gloves to avoid cuts.


Pets are not allowed on the oyster and clams area.


A WA State Shellfish License is required for Oysters, clams, crabbing ,shrimping and fishing.


Washington State Dept of Fish and Wildlife agents have access to our private beach, and you are subject to being checked at any time so be sure you have your license.


Shellfish Licenses can be purchased from any of the local general stores or gas stations in the area (closest one is 1.5 miles away).


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Mikes Beach Resort is located on Hood Canal, WA.   We offer romantic waterfront cabins and rooms, with an amazing view of the canal.

We have showers, tent camping, RV spaces, clam and oyster gathering, a boat lauch, a kids play area, scuba air fills, and scuba gear drying room.

This fishing link will take you to the Washington State Fishing Regulations Pamphlet,

please scroll down to "Marine Area- 12   Hood Canal"

We are located north of Ayock Point.